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So, Friday one of the local TV stations accidentally broadcast an incredibly racist joke in bad taste. Now they're being sued by Asiana Airlines for damages. I don't know what all led to this particular Charlie Foxtrot, but I think sending a strong message is appropriate. A little common sense would have gone a long way to keeping this sort of silliness off the airwaves.
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Giant Monster Fusion Cuisine

Pacific Rim.

What to say? Go see it. Go see it! It's an American made Japanese giant monster giant robot film that pulls the best of both and just works. I went in expecting to cheer at the spectacle of giant robots beating up giant monsters but really I ended up just gazing up at the screen with a giant grin on my face. It just... it just makes me happy. It's an homage to giant monster films, and it is a worthy one.

I love this world. I want to see more in it. But this is clearly a one-shot movie, so anything further will have to be fanfic, and likely set before the end of the film.

I tracked out to the Dublin real IMAX, and it was totally worth it -- though I wish I had seen it in IMAX on the second go around not the first. I wish I had the time to concentrate totally on the details and just soaking in the visuals without having to worry about keeping up with the plot. Yes, there is a plot, and there is character development. But not so much that it gets in the way of the action. And vice-versa: the action doesn't overwhelm the plot either. It's there, but it's part of the overall story, not the sole purpose for the story.

And now I need to go through the Wiki entry on it, since there is apparently a whole lot of meaning and subtext that I missed because I was just staring at the spectacle of giant robots beating up giant monsters.

Go see this film.
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Japanese Symphonic Metal

I decided one day that there had to be Japanese symphonic metal bands out there somewhere, so I went looking. I figure take metal riffs with traditional Japanese music, and that could be quite interesting. My quest led me to a few things.

First, the group Onmyouza. They actually do exactly what I was looking for: Traditional Japanese musical motifs with a metal sound. Plus, they perform in costumes based off of traditional Japanese clothing. (Hot!)

Second, Matenrou Opera. ("Matenrou" means "skyscraper".) Musically these guys are all over the board. Some of their stuff is very, very metal. Some of it is bordering on pop idol music. A lot of it is solidly what I would usually call "visual kei".

That last bit led me to realize that what I think of as "symphonic metal" is frequently expressed in the visual kei genre in Japan. The unfortunate thing is that I think an awful lot of the visual kei bands put an emphasis on form over substance, which means the musicality suffers. The two groups I mentioned above I was impressed with their musicality.

I also realized that X Japan counts as symphonic metal. Huh.

And lastly, I found several metal groups with female artists who have a metal sound, but lay Japanese girl idol pop voices over it. I find this very, very jarring, and will avoid that.
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Rubber Suited Monsters Are Teaching Japanese Children Well

I'm taking the roomie through Kamen Rider Agito, and it occurred to me that it passes the Bechdel test. Which got me thinking that many tokusastu series do, too, particularly the sentai (i.e., Power Rangers) series. Now if only they would accept a female Ranger Red, or Kamen Rider, or Ultraman... (Yeah, yeah, Beth, Yulian or Mama. I'm talking about as the main character.)
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Am I a bad person for noting that Otome Road, center of ladies' fandom, is located across the street from the old Sugamo Prison where they hung to death war criminals after World War II? (Including, for the history buffs, General Tojo.)

Nah, what probably makes me a bad person is the main thing I care about these days is going to Ice Cream City, located atop the aforementioned prison cum execution ground. Gotta track down the weirdest ice cream imaginable and get me some! (Not saying I'm trying the squid ice cream. Cow tongue is probably not going to be my first choice either.)
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Upbeat Zombie Shakespeare Apocalypse

Finally got to see Warm Bodies. I don't usually use the words "zombie apocalypse", "adorable", and "hear-warming" in the same sentence, but they do all apply. It took most of the movie (until the balcony scene, really) before I realized they were doing a riff on Romeo and Juliette. It wasn't particularly scary, nor gory -- I thought obessivewoman would enjoy it, actually. All in all, a lot of fun and well worth catching.
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Daylight Savings Time: Objective Achieved

So the main point of doing this time change is to save energy. I am happy to report I've done my part. After waking up late Sunday morning (my cell phone's alarm clock interacts with the time change poorly... and confusingly...) I then failed to get anything useful done, including failing to get to the gym because I ran out of time thanks to being tired and losing an hour out of my day. So far this time change has been a resounding success at getting me to drop the level of energy I personally use.

Somehow, I think that may not be the point.

And now a public service message from The Princess Bride's Count Rugen: here
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