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Really Random

Friday: Didn't do much. Messed around with the PSX IniD game in a fit of annoyance over not having the PS2 version. (Okay, it was petty. I was in a bad mood. So shoot me.) Decided that it's not entirely impossible to control the stupid game with just the keypad. Need to figure out how to save the game, since it didn't recognize my card when I tried before.

Saturday: Was going to get up at 6 to go to class. Woke up snarling and swearing when the alarm went off. After several minutes of non-stop irritability at the thought of waking up, decided that it would be best for everyone involved if I just skipped it, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

Several hours later I realized this was the correct decision, as my roommate had parked in the driveway, and I would have had to wake him up in order for me to get my car out. My roommate goes to bed late, and I don't like waking him up early.

Later that morning, I went to the last dojo meeting before we have the high-ranked sensei fly in for the seminar this weekend. I agreed to far too many things, and so will have a highly stressful, busy week. *sigh* I'm very nervous at being left as the translator for Wednesday night. I don't talk to people in Japanese that often, and I tend to get shy around Important People. Having to talk to an Important Person in Japanese and not offend him with my politeness levels being wrong is just not the calm-producing thought of the day. Providing I can make it through Wednesday night, the rest of the seminar should be... painful. I should have been practicing more often (read: at all) for the past couple of weeks, but Fanime put a dent in my schedule. The heat wave didn't help either.

After that meeting broke up (late) we headed home, where I picked up the other roomie and went to the Fanime Dead Dog meeting. I don't know why, but I thought there would be more socializing and less meeting. It ended up being a prolonged mostly-gripe session. Roomie and I decided to go get gas and check out Kinokuniya as an excuse to leave a very hot, stuffy, boring room. I'll get the details of anything interesting that may have happened from someone else at a later time.

We came back to the meeting to say hi to seshat. We had such perfect timing that we were walking towards the meeting at exactly the time everyone was leaving it. Excellent. Folks were planning on going out to dinner, and we joined in. Dinner seemed to be where most of the real talk about how to run the con next year occurred. It was cool, but I was dog tired, and had a splitting headache so I was happy to head home.

Sunday I was supposed to go to an autocross over in Oakland. Unfortunately, I woke up feeling worse than when I went to bed. After spending about half an hour trying to brush my hair and get clothes on, I decided to skip it (the autocross, I mean, not the hair-brushing and clothes-wearing). *sniff* *snivel* I had really been looking forward to this, especially since I don't think I can make another event until August. Grrr. Maybe if I hadn't spent all day Saturday running around in the heat doing stupid things... Oh well. Ended up spending the day lazing around not doing much. Got some sleep. Chatted with some friends. Panicked over finances. Watched some Spiral. In a fit of annoyance I broke down and ordered The Wrong HP and the Flaming Chicken (title edited to prevent being paffled to death by one of my roomies when I get home.) Used it as an excuse to also order the Due South season 1 box set. Both should be here right about when I'm starting recovery from the upcoming week/weekend.

(Spiral, BTW, is pretty cool. It's a lot like a very demented, animated Encyclopedia Brown. It's also pretty. And they make extensive use of one of my favorite flowers, the iris.)

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