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Clapping Bagels

I had a lovely conversation with Fluffy that illustrates just why we have so much difficulty communicating.

I alternate brining in bagels every other Friday. Today was my turn. I had just finished putting out the bagels when Fluffy came over.

"I heard paper rattling over here," he commented, looking over the bagels.

In a perverse mood, I intone "What is the sound of one bagel clapping?"

"Two bagels," he replies.

"No," I correct. "There has to be only one. You know -- 'What is the sound of one hand clapping?' It's a thing that you have to meditate on."

"I don't have to," he responds. "And by definition you have to have two hands to clap, otherwise it's not clapping."

About this point I realize that we are not going to reach and understanding, and simply tell him that he would make a bad Buddhist. He actually agreed with me on that.

(For reference, Pod Fluffy has been in residence for the past couple of days. I'm hoping the pod will not disappear over the weekend.)

(And for anyone wondering what the heck I'm talking about with pods, A) I'm not going to explain it since last time I tried it involved talking about aliens and abductions and getting weird looks from my coworkers, and B) who are you? What's your operating number? Why are you reading my LJ??)

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