Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

For Those Who Don't Get Their Daily Hit

A few articles on that I thought would be of interest:

Creative rally fans scare me. Don't read #3 with anything in your mouth. Just trust me on this. *goes to remove the blueberry muffin from her trachea and the monitor*
(Yes, llamabitchyo I really did have to share. ;)

Some information on the new third driver rule . It's as expected. The article has a picture of Tarmac Face looking particularly skeletal.

Other proposed rule changes. These are cost-saving proposals, and on the surface all of them sound kind of annoying to me. (Though I suppose being able to increase the championship to 16 rounds does have a few benefits to it.)

From World Rally News :

Hyundai looks for go-ahead to redesign car. Hm, perhaps Hyundai will be in the championship next year after all?

Mainly for llamabitchyo Possibly Peugeot for Loeb
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