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Where's Wally?

I know where my wally is today (it's with me, for a change.) Now where am I? Or rather, where am I supposed to be? Lesse...


4PM - Jet home and hope that S&E have not beat me back. Especially since I have a bunch of presents for them which I haven't wrapped yet, which are sitting in the living room.

Rest of the evening: Costco, dinner, hanging out. Pack. Put the VCR that's been sitting on the floor for three weeks into the system, and take the old one out to bring to the con. Ponder whether I'm going to bother bringing it back or not.


7 AM - 1:30 PM: Work. Joy.

1:30 PM - Jet home to pick up stuff and roomie.

2:00 PM - Leave for con. Maybe pick up berries on the way.

3:00 PM - Arrive at con. Find room, get Internet set up in it. Get meltables/expensive electronics out of car. Get tech'ing.

10:48 PM - SS1 begins. (If you don't follow WRC, ignore anything with "SS" in it.)

11:41 PM - SS2 begins

~1 AM - Pass out.

Friday (is that the right day? I can't remember any more.)

5:32 AM - SS4 (I don't think I'm going to get up at 4:39 to catch SS3.)

7 AM - 1 PM-ish - early shift for tech

Rest of day: wander around in a daze, maybe catch some sleep. Probably spend some money. Hopefully hang out with friends.

9:43 PM - SS 5

10:13 PM - SS6

11:13 PM - SS7

1: 33 AM - SS8 (though I think I'll probably be asleep by this time.)

Saturday (huh, what's a Saturday?)

6:27 AM - SS11 (Sleeping in! I get to sleep in!)

7:25 AM - SS12. I have a feeling I'll need to be doing tech-ish stuff, though. :(

7:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Techishness. (Times may be random)

Rest of day: Pass out.

10:53 PM - SS13

11:36 PM - SS14

12:19 AM - SS15


4:03 AM - SS18. (No, I don't seriously think that I'm going to be catching this. *sniff*)

All day - Work tech, then do teardown/load out.


All day - Consciousness? What's that?

Just for the bored, here is a quick run-down on the next few weekends:

6/28 - Iaido meeting, class.
6/29 - Autocross at Oakland Colliseum. I'm in the last run group, so will be there from about noon until about 6-ish.

7/3 - 6 - Iaido seminar. I'll probably be busy on some of the weekday nights through the 10th.

7/11 - 13 - In Portland

7/19 - Autocross, at Marina. I may very well skip this one, since I'm in the first run group and Marina is a good 2 hours away. Besides, my mother wants me to help her with some stuff.

7/25 - 27 - Unconsciousness in between Rally Deutschland

8/3 - Autocross at Golden Gate Fields. I drive someone else's prepped car. *nervousness* I believe I will be in run group 7, so will be there most of the afternoon.

8/10 - Autocross at Golden Gate Fields. I have no idea what I'm driving. Maybe my car, maybe not. Also Rally Finland (*waves at Kari*)

Shockingly, there are three weekends in August which are not yet booked. Grab 'em quick, while supplies last!

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