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I got permission to take off a little early from work. My current plan is to take off around 1:30 - 2, depending on how much I get done. This would put me in at the con sometime around 3-4 or so.

Stuff I'm planning on bringing:

- An outlet strip
- Two PS2's, one Japanese, one US
- A network cable
- A spare phone cable
- My laptop
- A coax cable
- At least one RCA cable
- Some bagels
- Some trail mix
- Some apples
- Some power bars
- Some water bottles (preferably with water in them)
- Blankets and pillows
- A selection of my better cels/ones I want to show people
- Kuuga doujinshi to show hoshikage
- Agito books to show hoshikage
- My wallet (since I seem to have left it at home today)
- The laptop power cable
- Cel phone charger
- CD blanks

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