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I read this paragraph in an IniD fanfic, and just had to share:

Osaka! Koichiro's face was stunned. If those two learned drifting on Osaka, it was no wonder Ay had dusted him. Osaka was where the legendary drifter himself, Drifter X, practiced.

Drifter X, huh. Methinks someone has watched a little too much Speed Racer.

Osaka, huh. On Osaka, huh.

Y'know, I'm not personally familiar with the racing scene in the city of Osaka, but I have to suspect that the mountain racing scene must be a little weak, given the lack of mountains in Osaka. Just a thought, y'know.

(Edit: I sit corrected. There is, in fact, a Mt. Osaka. It's located down on Kyushu, in Fukuoka Prefecture. Guess those kids had quite a drive, since it's around 600+ miles from Fukuoka to Gunma. Hope those kids don't have to be in school tomorrow!)

(I'm going to ignore how it is that Koichiro's face is stunned, but the rest of him is not. A tazer to the face is never a pleasant thing to contemplate. )

(For those who want to read more, the fic can be found here.)

This did inspire me to start my

- Iketani SUCKS as a driver
I would think this would be self-evident from the first time he drives. But no, the number of fics I've seen where he's supposed to be a hot-shot driver -- and everyone is stunned when he loses -- is just boggling. One day I will sit down and do a fic where Itsuki and Iketani race -- and Itsuki wins!

- Takumi is not a member of the Akina Speed Stars.
Yes, his friends threatened to stick a Speed Stars sticker on his car. But they don't. And except for the first one, all the challenges that Takumi receives are addressed to him directly -- Akina's Hachiroku -- not to the Akina Speed Stars. Yeah, the Akina course is Takumi's home course. But it's also Yuuichi's -- does that make him a Speed Star?

- RX-7's don't have back seats.
*peers in the window of a random RX-7 parked on the street* Nope, this one doesn't have a back seat either. Honestly, I know they aren't that common on the streets these days, but it's just not that hard to find out.

- Everything in the series takes place in real locations.
A quick Google search will show you that Gunma, Akagi, Myougi, Irohazaka and all the rest are actual places in Japan. It'll even turn up information in English.

- In Japan, you don't get your license until age 18.
Even if the author didn't get the fansubs with the note on the Japanese driving age, they should still be able to figure it out from all the comments about Takumi -- the high school senior -- just getting his license. And everyone being surprised at how young he is. Do the math people, it's not calculus, okay?

- That Gunma Prefecture is not located in Tokyo.
That's about like saying that South Carolina is located in New York City. Sounds lame, huh?

- Google is mighty handy for finding things out.
The number of fics where someone botches easy to find information makes me want to scream. Why is it an author can write a long paragraph on how they can't find any information about Gunma, but can't be bothered to put "Gunma Prefecture" into Google? It makes me want to put "why are IniD fanfic authors stupid?" in as a search, and see what answers I get.

- What power steering is for.
I have seen several fics that talk about how scrawny a driver's arms are, and everyone wonders how they can control a car. It makes me wonder why we don't see Takumi's secret life as a gym stud, working out to improve his arm strength so that he can drive his car.

- Osaka is not an easy drive away from Gunma.
It's at least 300 miles as the crow flies. Saying that someone is doing a day trip to or from Osaka is like saying that someone is doing a day trip from LA to San Francisco. I won't say it's impossible. I'll just say that it tends to require an airplane, and a really long day. And lots of money.

That's all that I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure I'll come up with more -- most likely when I finish reading the fic mentioned above. If anyone else has ones they want to add, please feel free!

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