Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Yes, But That Wasn't What I Was After Either

While bouncing around from project to project yesterday morning, at one point I wandered out and discussed something with my roomie, and concluded that I needed to go to J-town as a result. I then promptly forgot why.

The roomie and I ended up going to J-town anyway, as there were a couple of other errands that way I needed to do. I never did remember what it was I had meant to do in the first place, but I did find some other stuff.

First stop: Kinokuniya. I needed to pick up my subscription, and seshat wanted me to look for a magazine (which I did not manage to find -- sorry!) Nothing interesting jumped out at me in the manga department, but I ended up picking up a new castle book. It had some interesting information on a number of castles that I couldn't identify on sight. While wandering through the CD section, I found a CD that I had been looking for for quite a while now. *little happy dance*

We wandered into the grocery store, where I continued to fail to remember what I was looking for. I did get some nice peach soda that is reminiscent of a cross between melon soda, and my favorite peach water. Yum!

We wandered back through the mall proper, and I picked up a chocolate taiyaki. (Tasty, but still not what I was looking for.)

We then went down into the garage. The stupid machine to pay the parking fee on the second floor was broken, so I had to go back upstairs. As I turned to go back up, I heard someone calling my name. There was a group of people who looked vaguely familiar, but I really could not place them. After a moment, I remembered -- Richard Ney, and his wife! I have not seen them in forever. We chatted for a while, exchanged contact info, and I wandered off amused, wondering if in a perverse cosmic sense that was why I thought I had to go to J-town. (I've been wanting to return Richard's Super Famicon to him for about eight years now -- tells you how long it's been since I saw him last!)

Parking fee paid, I wandered back to my car. I noticed that she'd acquired a "friend" parked next to her -- a Subby blue WRX. After a moment I realize that it's an STi! Hm, I haven't seen one of those in person yet. I see what people mean about the hood scoop -- it's even *bigger* than the one on the regular WRX. Able to house diminutive immigrant families, indeed. (One review I read actually said that.) And the rear wing will double as a surf board or a picnic table in a pinch. But really, it's not looks that matter with a car, right? Right??

After a brief drool we headed off. I was rather pleased by the random stuff I picked up that I had not been expecting to, but am still wondering what on earth inspired me to go to J-town in the first place!

Oh, hoshikage, I noticed they have Data 8 in at Kino. If you are stopping by there this week, could you please pick me up a copy? I'll trade you that Data volume you're missing for it! ;)

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