Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

One Very Strange Dream

If I sleep in while it's light, I get really strange dreams. Wanna see how strange?

I'm wandering around the streets of Takasaki, looking for the gas station from Initial D. It's near-by, but I forgot my road atlas, so I'm having a little trouble navigating where I'm going. I wander off of the main street and through a residential neighborhood that switches between something that looks a lot like the town where I grew up in -- single story family residences with sidewalks and front lawns that are mostly crabgrass -- and a normal Japanese neighborhood. I turn a corner and suddenly realize that I'm on the street where one of the characters from one of the Japanese dramas I watch lives on. I stick my nose into the restaurant that they own, and get freaked out about how much it looks like what was on TV.

I keep walking around. I realize that I'm too far south of the gas station, and am about to turn around when I walk into a shop. Bunta is there, but he's really, really old (like around 80 or so). He tells me I'm not well, and tucks me into bed. I go to sleep.

I wake up a little while later when I kick a large ornamental vase. I contemplate lying there for a little while, but remember that daylight is going to fade, and I need to find the gas station because I have to catch a train back to Tokyo. I leave.

I'm walking around on a street when suddenly I am next to a stopped car that I think is mine. Takumi and Itsuki wander up. Itsuki and I are chatting, when Takumi suddenly sticks his head under the car. He looks around for a while under the back of the car, then suddenly pulls a baby out from under the rear left tire. He says something like "I thought there was something off there", then smacks the baby on the back to make it cry. I'm very perplexed about how a live baby got under the wheels of the car. After a moment, the baby (mercifully) vanishes. Itsuki and Takumi indicate that they need to go, and anyway, I need to find the gas station. I bow and thank Takumi for his father taking care of me when I passed out earlier, and they leave. I was really surprised how nice and reasonable Itsuki was.

I'm wandering around some more, trying to go north to where I think the gas station is, but end up progressively going south. I pass a dealership that sells expensive European sports cars. I drool appropriately, and keep walking. I pass a Chevron station that is charging six yen per liter for gas. I do the math, and am very bitter that they are only paying about 24 cents a gallon for regular gas. My father shows up, and I comment on this to him. We walk along together for a while.

We're walking along, and now we're out of the residential district, and onto a main street. Suddenly someone gives me some weird branch. It is supposed to be some mystical charm for lovers. My boyfriend suddenly appears, and is the Clark Kent from Smallville. (I am, I should note, not entirely pleased about this.) We get on a bus. My mother is on the bus (but she doesn't know that Clark is my boyfriend, and we're not telling.) She talks about photographing the bay at dawn, and how she wouldn't do it, and she doesn't like any of the pictures that she's seen of it. I spot a nice-looking, blue Japanese Impreza STi as we pass by it on the bus. It looked a little different from the American version, but was basically about the same.

The bus passes over a large estuary, and I realize that I'm going the wrong way. I have to get back to the store that sells the mystical branches and return it, since I don't want Clark to be my boyfriend. The bus is heading away from the store, and besides it's going the wrong way for the gas station (which I know I'm really, really close to, I just need to go north, not south -- or west, like the bus was going.) I ditch Clark when I get off the bus, but I still have the branch.

I walk back the direction I came from, but have to stop at the rail road tracks for a car to go by on the tracks. There are no crossing guards at this crossing, but a nice, older Japanese guy shows that when you cross, you are supposed to wave your arms over your head to show the train conductor that there is someone there. It looks really stupid, but people are doing it. I am just about to do this, when I notice that there is a train about to come through. The train is going veeeeeerry slowly, so I have to wait. A group of people gather. One of my roomies wanders up. He's in Japan also because of the iai seminar (which was why I was in Japan -- we were both taking off to Takasaki after the practice to wander around.) I try to hand him the branch I'm carrying, but he says something about how he's taken too much stuff out of my shoes already today.

Mercifully, at this point the bell for the church that is near my house started ringing, and I decided to drag myself out of the dream, and into consciousness. I do regret not finding the gas station, though.

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