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Look, Ma! Tread!

So I finally got the new tires today. There was a problem on Thursday with not having the widget to undo the wheel locks. But today at long last, it is done. *purring, happy Sandpanther* She drives soooo much smoother now, and the ride's a lot more quiet and comfortable, and I don't bounce as much when driving over the pothole that is my street and, and, and... *frantically purring, happy Sandpanther*

While waiting for the tires, I read an article on the whole "Car Free Day" and Critical Mass 10 year anniversary celebration that was going on yesterday. I gotta say, San Francisco has got to be the only place on the planet where people will refer to bicyclists as "bikers" with the same note of fear and loathing in their that one would normally reserve for the most hardened of motorcycle gangs. I would have a lot more sympathy for these "poor, threatened bikers" if they would stop mowing down pedestrians on the sidewalks, or zooming into the middle of the street with no warning or signal, or stop assaulting cars or trying to ram them, or maybe if just for novelty's sake they tried paying attention to stupid little things like stop lights. I know that drivers in SF aren't really noted for their manners, so it's saying something when the bikes are known for being even more rude.

And Car Free Day, grrr. Where do they get off closing down city streets and not letting anyone drive on the road just to support their little special interest? Humph. I think the pro-car people should shut down roads, too, and fill them with cars, just to demonstrate their position. What's that? Oh, right. They do that already, don't they? It's called "rush hour". Right.

*wanders off to enjoy new tires and annoy all the anti-car people by driving around aimlessly*

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