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Good Weekend

It was a good weekend.

- Acropolis Rally.'Nuff said.

- I went on a translation binge. Got five chapters done. Finished one volume, and got a dent done on the next one. I'm almost up to where Rence's scans started. *little happy dance*

- I may have found a mechanic I trust with my car! Yay! Located across the street from work no less. Double yay!

- Got some cleaning done on the living room. While it's not enough that most people would notice, I did manage to disturb some junk that had been sitting there for a couple of years.

- Got a fairly nice compliment, one which I actually accept and value. (I don't get those every day.)

- Lots of relaxing was had.

- Almost finished the course map for M-pass.

- While I can't say that all the results for Acropolis came out the way I would have hoped, I'm quite pleased with the winner!

The only down points to the weekend:

- There's something weird with my insurance rates. It looks like my premium is now about double what I expected.

- Massive sleep deprivation. In a good cause, but sadly missed nonetheless.

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