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Instant Karma, Just Add Stupidity

I'm having a viciously satisfying morning... I just got e-mail from one of my fine coworkers in the UK complaining that the system is slow. I scritch my head and wonder why they are contacting *me* eight time zones away when they have perfectly good IT support in their own time zone. And then I begin to grin.

See, yesterday I noticed that their server was locked, and I don't have a valid password to get in. This is not normal, and I am supposed to have access to that server at all times. I sent around e-mail requesting that I get access, since I needed to move files. I wanted to add that I needed to have this access in case of an emergency, but decided that would probably cause some kind of a political incident, and so left it out.

Then lo and behold, this morning they deliver me exactly the type of incident that is why I keep requesting this access. (They do, actually, keep denying it regularly. It usually takes about three weeks before I get the access back -- most annoying.)

In the words of Gregor, let's see what happens
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