Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Waiting For Bizzarity

After getting back from the autocross, one roomie and I went to pick up the other roomie at the airport. While waiting for him, much loopiness ensued. What follows is an extract of some of it.

We invented a new superhero: Mattress Man! He, with his sidekick Pillow fight the forces of evil by smothering the bad guys. He also has a mind-control power which causes his victims to become sleepy (thus making it easier for him to smother them.) His cape is a blanket, while Pillow's is a pillowcase which he also uses to carry things around in -- sort of like a utility sack.

While sitting in a parking lot waiting to hear from the one roomie, we saw a little street cleaning/vacuuming truck go by. Again. And again. And again. We thought maybe he was training to be a NASCAR driver, since he was going in circles. Unfortunately, he was backwards, since he would only turn right. We kept shouting encouragement for him to take the plunge, and try the left turn, but he never did.

The really weird thing about this vacuum truck was that it required the driver to stick his arm out the window and hold a vacuum hose to the ground to pick up stuff. This does mean that frequently the driver is actually looking to the side, and not forward.

We also had a discussion about cars, and cars flying in particular. Cars, we agreed, don't fly well, and are even worse at landing. "If you want to make a car fly, put wings on it!" I declared in a fit of silliness. This lead to the idea of creating a Pegasus car -- a car with airplane wings on it. We decided that it would have to be either a Mustang or a Pinto. It would be particularly bad for a Pegasus Pinto, since if it screws up the landing, it would go down in flames.

That is all of the silliness I can remember at the moment. It may be one of those "you had to have been there" sorts of things. But hey, I was there, and this is my blog. I am going to get some sleep now.

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