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And The Geek Shall Inherit The Atlas

One of my "special" little treasures from my last trip to Japan was a road atlas of Gunma Prefecture. This thing is so awesome that when I was looking at it in the store, I had to pause periodically to make sure that the drool didn't land on the pages (or any of the other books for that matter.) Considering that my rule on IniD-related maps these days is "must contain information that I don't already have anywhere else", getting me to drool like that over an atlas is no mean feat.

Today I brought this atlas with me to show cirdan_havens over lunch. We were pouring over one of the pages on Mt. Haruna (Akina), when I noted something... unexpected. An innocuous note, pointing to one of the turns on the Haruna downhill course. A block of text which read:

Initial D set here



This isn't some fannish map, this is from a major company -- kind of like the Thomas Brothers Do Gunma.

(And before you ask, no, I did NOT buy the atlas because of that. I hadn't even noticed it before today.)

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