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Argentina Thoughts, Part 1

For those fortunate enough not to be on-line at the wrong times (and hence missing being pounced on when I couldn't stand not goobering at someone), Rally
Argentina ran this past weekend. I decided to try an experiment for this round, and followed it live through the wonders of the Internet, and World Rally
Radio. Unable to resist the urge to fangirl, I think I will post my reflections on the experiment. Comments on the rally itself I think I will save until after Thursday, when the US finally gets to see the rally.

What follows will probably be of little interest to anyone besides rally fans, and those who are entertained by me being a fangirl. Which, come to think of it, seems to cover most of my friends, somehow. (I really do not understand why people find it so amusing when I get enthusiastic about something. But hey, if I can entertain my friends, that's a good thing, yes?) At any rate, those who are interested
can read on .

First off, I've got to say, wow, that was a lot of fun. I only started watching rallying with last year's Australia WRC round. But that was back when we got same-day coverage. I hadn't entirely recognized how much anticipation is lost when you see the whole
rally in one chunk, rather than having to wait overnight to see how things are going to turn out. And this rally was particularly good for that, since the fight for the top was so close going into day 3.

On the down side, time zone differences really suck. Argentina was only four hours off of me, and is the closest time-wise in the championship. But even so, catching stuff got a little awkward, especially for the last day when they started a couple of hours early. The European rounds in the future... I dunno. I'm going to see how following Acropolis goes, and then decide if I'm going to continue trying to follow the difficult time zone rallies (read: all of the European rounds) live or not.

Another down side of the time zone differences was that it left me completely confused as to what time it was for me, in my time zone. Each day's coverage would finish, and I would wonder why it was so light outside for so long -- wasn't it evening already? It was highly disorienting. (This may have been partly due to sleep deprivation, since I was getting up fairly early in order to catch the coverage.)

Data... I think they finally managed to throw enough raw information at me to make even my inner Data Geek almost overload. I have yet to tire of seeing the split times come across live. My roommate, on the other hand, may be complete fed up with me saying "ooh, so-and-so has entered the stage. Oh, such-and-such have completed the stage with a time of XXX." I've seen coverage of the sorts of tracking and telemetry information that are available on each car. It was lovely being able to experience it first-hand. This is the sort of thing that I love using technology for: instant access to information and events half a world away, all available at the click of a button.

So, overall, I would call the experiment a success. Much fun and geekiness was had. Now how to deal with being ten hours lagged for the next one...?

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