Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Oddities of Romanization

I'm sorting through my pictures from the last Japan trip. As I'm moving photos into folders categorized by location, I started to notice when I would indicate the lengthened vowels and when I wouldn't.

Toji Temple in Kyoto, for example, is missing vowels. I can excuse the missing vowels in "Kyoto", since that is the accepted romanization. Maybe I can excuse Tou-ji, since it is usually not romanized that way in the guide books. But Ohgaki? I know better than that.

It made me pause and wonder why I have not been so lax about the lengthened vowels in my own personal naming at the same time as I will get annoyed with fangirls who loudly refuse to use the vowel lengtheners when it's pointed out to them. (I just about treated everyone to a rant on that topic last week, when I read a mini flame war in the comments section of an awful IniD fanfic on on whether Ryousuke's name should be spelled with two "u"s, or just one. Don't y'all feel fortunate that I spared you?)
Perhaps it's because if someone pointed it out to me I would say "you're right, I'm being lazy" or "no, it's a commonly accepted convention to not romanize that name with the extra vowels." Perhaps it's just that the people who argue when it's pointed out to them that their way is, technically, incorrect just annnoy me. Or maybe I'm just hypocritical.

Food for thought. Though probably only a light snack.

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