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Interesting... Shoumaru Pass seems to be known for being haunted. According to the legends, a ghost appears sometimes just after you come out of the Shoumaru Tunnel. o.O

Makes me wonder what would happen if the Ghost of Akina had met the ghost of Shoumaru. There almost seems to be a fic in that... (Though I have a feeling it would be an incredibly *bad* fic.)

So far I haven't been able to find too many interesting links on Shoumaru (unless you have an interest in ghosts?) What I've found are

Okay, I'm easily amused. Still, this story amused me.

I'm pretty sure I've blogged this page before. But it's got some rather entertaining comics on it.

Another IniD photo site that I did not previously have I rather like the shot of his car, with the bridge at Usui Lake reflected in the water.

Of some random interest: One biker's opinion on different passes. Includes Iroha, and whatchamacallit Toll Road.

This site has a sign that confirms that Okamura Chaya is at the summit of the pass. It also has more info on the road being wiped out (by a typhoon, it looks like).

Some interesting road shots, included the eroded bank

Two passes for the price of one: Sadamine and Shoumaru

Someone was bored, and had Photoshop. (Again, not Shoumaru. But interesting nonetheless.)

50,000:1 topo maps? Hmm... Why, yes, this site does have other parts of Japan. How... convenient. Excellent. *rubs hands greedily*

Wanna see how narrow Shoumaru is? Look at the bottom picture here.

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