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Someone on one of my (lame) IniD MLs asked if Takumi's name is a girls' name, since they thought that Japanese girls' names ended in "ko" or "i". (Yes, I know his name ends in "mi" not "i", and that in Japanese the difference is very clear and obvious. The original poster apparently does not.)

I mentioned this post to cirdan_havens over lunch today. A rather silly discussion ensued. The gist of it follows. (I won't credit who said what, since I honestly don't remember):

So if "Takumi" is a girls' name since it ends in "i", then I guess that makes Itsuki a girl, huh? And Iketani and Kenji.

Kenji: Great. So not only do I not have a last name, now I don't have a d--

Moving right along! Who else...? Kai. Yeah, daddy's little girl.

Seiji. *snerk*

And Kyouichi. I guess they should rename the team "Empress", since they all seem to be secretly girls.

Cirdan: Nakazato.

Me: He's safe. So's Shingo.

Cirdan: Takeshi?

Me: Whoops! "Don't stand so close -- people might think we're dating."

This would also make Daiki a girl. (Well, I guess that explains a little about his character...) And Sakai. Oh well. But wait -- Sakai is his family name. Maybe he really is a guy. Hmm...

Tomo... what about Tomo? Tomo's conflicted, since "Tomo" is clearly a guys' name -- no "i" or "ko" here. But his full name is Tomoyuki -- which ends in "i"! Oh no!

Wait, I know! Tomoyuki is really a girl. He -- sorry, she -- wanted to become a pro racer. But as everyone knows, there aren't a lot of female racers at the top. So she decided to hide her real identity to improve her chances in the pros.

Hm, that has all the elements of a shoujo romance... Let's see where this goes. Poor, gender-swapped Tomoyuki has a problem. She fall in love with one of the other (male) racers. Now she is conflicted and confused. Should she race against him with all her heart, and maybe wound his masculine pride (not to mention his chances at a championship) by beating him? Should she tell him her secret and confess her love for him -- and risk everything in the process? Oh, the angst! The conflict is destroying her motivation to race. This is why "she" is complaining about having low motivation when she appears in the Initial D story.

But now, after she races Takumi she experiences a renewed surge of motivation. For now her heart turns from her old love to a new one -- that dashing young man who beat her in a race!

Oh, wait. Sorry, I forgot. Takumi's a girl. Because his name ends in "i". Right.

I.. i... Who else has their name end in an "i"? Oh, I know! Yuuichi!

Yes, it makes perfect sense that Yuuichi is female. That would explain why she's always hanging around Bunta. In fact, I bet that Yuuichi is secretly Takumi's mother! That's why she always cares so much about how Takumi's races are going. It explains a lot, y'know?

It should come as no shock to anyone that SSR's Shin'ichi is really a girl.

Really, if you think about it, the only team that does not have anyone whose name ends in an "i" is the Red Suns: Ryousuke, Keisuke, Fumihiro, and Kenta. Project D for the most part doesn't either, with the addition of Matsumoto. Maybe Nameless FD Mechanic really has a girls' name? Hard to say.

When you get right down to it, about three-quarters of the guys' personal names in Initial D end in an "i". As much fun as it was to poke fun at the assumption that all Japanese names which end in an "i" when romanized are girls' names aside, would it really have been THAT hard for the original poster to have just sat for a couple of seconds and thought about other guys in the series whose names end in "i"?

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