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Oh Yeah, I've Lost It

I've known for a while that I've probably misplaced It (whatever "It" may be). I was suspecting that I didn't really know where It was the day that I sat at a stop light and muttered directions on how to park at a riced Civic I spotted across the street learning the thrills and spills of parallel parking on a hill.

But it wasn't until just now that I realized that I have not merely misplaced It, I have lost It altogether. In arranging to meet a friend for dinner, I got all excited about crossing the Bay because it means that I can use my new FasTrak transponder to pay the bridge toll. I can use the special FasTrak-only lane! I am now a special person. Lo, the bouncing joy.

In unrelated news, my headphones at work broke. This is somewhat annoying, but I have a spare pair that I carry with me when traveling, so I can use them. I realized when I took one side of the headphones off to talk to someone on the phone while leaving the other side on that these headphones could be useful in a couple of weeks when following the stuff from Argentina. It also makes it a lot easier to listen to tunes and also keep an ear out for approaching problems, office gossip, etc.

The Princess and I have renamed the Ball-less Wonder to He Who Must Not Be Named. That made me laugh about as much as the snarky comment someone made regarding New Zealand: "Top Tip : Try speeding on the stage." (Yeah, so, I'm easily amused. At least I always have something to laugh at. Other than He Who Must Not Be Named, eternal source of laughs that he may be.)

Speaking of misplacing things, I found the traveler's cheques that I had misplaced. Turns out there were a couple of hundred dollars more there than I had thought. I'm glad I decided not to panic early on. They had been safe and with me at all time, just not where I had thought they were. Oh well, all's well that ends with the money being found and put back in the bank where it belongs.

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled headache, already in progress.

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