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Lots of randomness

Hey Gina, I forgot if I asked -- do you have a blog? Come, share -- add to my distraction at work!

I promised at least two different people at least three different links. Can I remember who, or what the links were? Of course not! So, I'm going to toss up the links I remember, in the hopes that I manage to remember all of them (even though I know that I am missing at least one). If you were one of the people I promised a link to in the past couple of days and it's not here, tell me and I'll track it down. (And no, Eric, I already know that I didn't promise you that link for where you can get a bolt-on turbo for your car, so don't even try it. *smiles sweetly*)

The R-35 Skyline GT-R concept car (I think it looks a lot like the new Z-car. I'm not sure I like the styling, but oh well.)

Rice Boy's Hall of Shame Ah, the joys of mocking people being really darn silly. Make sure to check out the Lamborghini Diablo in Hall of Shame 8.

Should I be concerned that this sounds like it could be really entertaining some days!?

Darn. That's all I can remember. Brain... not working... Critical... malfunction...

Speaking of critical malfunctions, I watched the first two episodes of the US version of Ultraman Tiga. I gotta confess, this manages to surpass even my own admittedly high tolerances for horrible cheese. (Vampire bunnies, anyone?) I'm tempted to check out the original Japanese, just to see if it really was as awful as it ended up being in English. It did provide some mocking fun for me and my roommate, so I think I will keep on recording it, until I realize that the TiVo is getting too overloaded on the weekends.

And perversely, that reminds me -- Hey Eric, you are typing that fic now, yes? Pretty puleeze? Pretty puhleeze with damaged white horsies on the top??

Enough of the random silliness for one day, I need to go get some sleep.

Oh, and before I forget -- Theater Nohgaku was awesome! Noh worked startlingly well in English. Though next time I think I will try to get to bed before 3 AM the night before. Something tells me that might just enhance my enjoyment of the production. But now I must sit and research Noh more. So much that I don't understand there...

And while I'm thinking of it, Data 6 is out. This is a really darn inconvenient time to realize that I don't seem to have a copy of Data 5. (I think that was the one that I had difficulty finding -- as in "I have never seen this volume in my life.") Pouncing on the book got me a great stare when I snagged it in Kino yesterday, though! ^_^

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