Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Geek Week Day Four: A Momentary Lapse of Reality

I have a job phone screen today. Damn.

Not that I'm displeased -- it sounds like exactly what I'm looking for and I'm really jazzed/nervous. I've also let my brain off the leash so it could go and play in happy fannish fields for the past four days and it is protesting mightily about being shoehorned back into normalcy. All this packing is mighty organized and grown-up as well, so it's not any too fond of that either.

For the rest of the day: Try to remember what I've done in my career to date so I don't sound like a moron on the interview, finish packing, then hit the gym, geek out with fresne (that should be pretty epic), then off to Mt. View obon practice and off to get some beauty sleep in advance of the con.

Comic Con in T minus 24 hours, and counting. Then the serious geekery begins.

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