Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Geek Week

Geek week kicked off for me on Friday, starting with working from home in the morning, and working from MCM in the afternoon. Then after work was a brief workout followed by a lovely dinner and game.

Saturday I read in bed a bit, then got up and puttered around before going out to Dublin to see Pacific Rim in real IMAX. Got total rock star parking, and the movie was awesome and totally worth dragging out to Dublin. Came back, downloaded a copy of the soundtrack, then headed over to MCM to BBQ and have a mellow evening hanging out with friends.

Sunday I lazed in bed until 11, then got up, ran through an episode of Dr. Who (need to catch up before Wednesday) before heading out to see Pacific Rim again with friends. (What? So I liked it.) After the movie we dissected it over frozen yogurt and had a lovely conversation.

Today I'm home. Plans are to get packing done for Comic Con, pick up the Pacific Rim comic (and hopefully the Avatar comics I'm missing), and do some house cleaning. Then in the evening I'm heading over to the Palo Alto obon practice.

I am a happy geek. And I have many happy geek days ahead.

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