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Giant Monster Fusion Cuisine

Pacific Rim.

What to say? Go see it. Go see it! It's an American made Japanese giant monster giant robot film that pulls the best of both and just works. I went in expecting to cheer at the spectacle of giant robots beating up giant monsters but really I ended up just gazing up at the screen with a giant grin on my face. It just... it just makes me happy. It's an homage to giant monster films, and it is a worthy one.

I love this world. I want to see more in it. But this is clearly a one-shot movie, so anything further will have to be fanfic, and likely set before the end of the film.

I tracked out to the Dublin real IMAX, and it was totally worth it -- though I wish I had seen it in IMAX on the second go around not the first. I wish I had the time to concentrate totally on the details and just soaking in the visuals without having to worry about keeping up with the plot. Yes, there is a plot, and there is character development. But not so much that it gets in the way of the action. And vice-versa: the action doesn't overwhelm the plot either. It's there, but it's part of the overall story, not the sole purpose for the story.

And now I need to go through the Wiki entry on it, since there is apparently a whole lot of meaning and subtext that I missed because I was just staring at the spectacle of giant robots beating up giant monsters.

Go see this film.

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