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At Least I'm Already a Mutant

I came back from vacation to discover that some of the furniture in the office had been rearranged. The table which has the coffee pot and microwave on it had moved from the space in front of the manager's office to outside my cube. I thought it odd. Then I heard why, which is even odder.

Previously the table had been tucked up against a blank space of wall outside the department manager's office. This was a good location, since it wasn't that close to anyone's office, and didn't really bother anyone. But it seems that the department manager was worried about radiation leaking from the microwave and coming through the wall and into her office, causing who knows what horrible health issues. So she had it moved. To outside my cube. I guess her potential health issues just don't apply in my case?

When it came up in conversation and she explained why she had it moved, I said "It's a good thing I'm already a mutant."

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