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28 February 2013 @ 09:39 pm
Can't Please... Anyone  
The World Health Organization posted a report on their study of the health effects from the Fukushima disaster, which can be found here The long and the short of it (and at 172 pages, it is not really a short report) is that infants in the areas most exposed in Fukushima Prefecture may have a very slightly increased risk of certain cancers, primarily thyroid, which is treatable. For people over the age of 20 the increased risk is so negligible that it's not possible to sort out if a particular case of cancer was due to exposure or general environmental factors.

And in classic "you can't please everyone" fashion, WHO has been criticized for using an estimation methodology that is overly conservative, i.e., it over-estimates the amount of exposure people were subjected to. Folks are complaining that WHO is encouraging unnecessary panic by saying that people were exposed to more radiation than they likely were.

That sound you're hearing? That is my eyes rolling.

In the end people will still claim that They (whomever "They" are) aren't telling us everything, and are lying to us, and it's really much, much worse than anyone is saying. Because WHO is so well known for lying on matters of health. What do they pay these people for anyway? Oops, there go the eyes again.

I'm a bit tired of people telling me that the top scientists in the field know nothing and are all a bunch of liars, and that the only people who can be relied on are the news media. Can you tell?