Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

NZ - The Good And The Bad

Best part of Rally New Zealand: Tommi flipping off a cop trying to give him a speeding ticket. Yeah, it would have been nice if he hadn't gotten the five minute time penalty for speeding. But personally, I thought it highly amusing.

Worst part: The coverage. What happened?? Lots of commentator chit-chat that wasn't terribly relevant, and not a lot of showing the cars. Did they miss that this isn't the Nikki/What's-his-name comedy hour? Some of the stages were skipped altogether. I'm hoping this is just one of the oddities of New Zealand, and that more normal (and less uselessly chatty) coverage will resume with Argentina.

And where were all the famous New Zealand sheep? I didn't see a single one, *sniff*.

Unrelated (hopefully) to sheep, I did notice that the commentators seemed to keep implying Petter/Marko slash. They were just begging for it with all their comments about "seeing these two men go at it for years to come." *shiver*

Oh, and a couple of new additions to the WRC drinking game:

Any time someone describes New Zealand as "a driver's rally".

Any time someone comments that Gilles Panizzi eats tarmac for breakfast. (Does it keep him regular?)

Any time Nikki talks too much. (Keep the remote handy for frequent bathroom breaks.)

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