Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Obon's A-Commin'

Obon is almost here, which means time to start practicing. Following are the bon odori practice schedules for San Jose and Mt. View:

San Jose OBON Odori Practice
Dance practice for those who want to learn the steps before the Obon festival!
Starts 7:30pm - June 21,25, 27, 28 & July 2nd & 5th

Mt. View
7/10, 7/12, 7/17, 7/19 7:30 PM

And! I am very happy to note that while SDCC may have pushed one week earlier this year, Obon pushed one week later than it was last year. This means I will be around for Mt. View, on July 21/22. Yay!
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