Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

The Universe, She Tells Me Not To Work Late

I think I'm getting a Great Cosmic Message here...

So today I hit the end of my 8 hours and could have taken off since there were no emergencies pending. But I decided, hey, I'm almost done with my part on this one task, so why not just do a little extra time and get it finished. So about an hour later I get it all done and go to check in my changes -- only to find out that one of my teammates ignored my request that no one else work on this document, and checked in something himself. Our change control software is... limited... so it's not able to merge changes. Nor is it able to show me what the differences between the two version are so I can resolve them. As far as I'm aware, the only thing it can do is give me the latest copy of what my coworker did, and have me re-apply all my changes. Lovely. Irritating.

And yet still better than the last time I could have left but decided to put in a little more time, just because. That time I got in a car accident.

*sigh* I guess it could be worse. Though in the future I really should listen to that little voice that says "why bother putting in extra time? You don't owe this company that."

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