Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

As A Matter Of Fact, I Can Write "Ikaruga" In Kanji

"Ikaruga" is the name of a town in central Japan, near Nara. It's where Houryuu-ji, the temple with the oldest wooden buildings in the world, is located. "Ikaruga" also happens to be George's last name in Ultraman Moebius. George hates his last name, and gets upset any time someone uses it. Early on in the series one of the other characters took a crack at him, saying the reason he hates his last name is because he can't write it in kanji. This is why I giggle every time I see it written.

Now, the kanji for "Ikaruga" is kind of complicated looking. I'm pretty proud that I can recognize it, and smile every time I see it, and say to myself "hey, that's read 'Ikaruga'." I even did that today when I saw it on a web site about tourism in Nara. And this time I thought to myself "I really should learn how to write that in kanji. Just because." Yes, I really am that easily amused.

So today I stared at it with intent to disect the characters into something memorable. I went over the parts of the first character, noting what the radical was, and the various components of the rest of it. And the second character -- hey, isn't that the kanji for "pidgeon"? I just learned that yesterday. Yeah, pidgeon.

So what does that first one mean...?


That's right. George's last name means "spotted pidgeon". No wonder he hates it so much.
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