Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Study In Contrasts

From this morning:

Facebook/Friends list: OMG! A 7.0 earthquake in Japan, with a tsunami warning! I HOPE EVERYTHING'S OK!!!!

Local newspaper: Strong earthquake rocks northeastern Japan, prompting a tsunami warning. Residents were advised to evacuate. (story continues)

Japanese newspapers: *sound of crickets*

Seriously. The top headlines were about a counterfeiting case, Madoff, some baseball news, a train wreck in India, and the most recent F1 race. Earthquake? Tsunami? Not worth mentioning.

Folks, a little perspective. This 'quake was about 120 miles off the coast, so the people in the area closest to it felt about what folks in Paso Robles felt during Loma Prieta (aka the '89 great SF 'quake). Shaking, yeah, and it might have knocked some stuff off the shelves. If you're reading this LJ you've probably gone through a 5.5-6.0 yourself, and that's the level we're talking about. Not my favorite recreational activity, but still in the "no harm-no foul" region. Realize also that after every large 'quake officials automatically issue a tsunami warning. That doesn't mean The Wave Is Coming, it means take appropriate precautions just in case. Residents in coastal areas are well trained to know what level of shaking means it's time for a nice hike up your closest hill, and their object lesson of four months ago is still quite fresh in their minds. In terms of structures, the coastal areas that could be flattened by anything less than a 9.0 'quake have already been flattened, so it's not like a new wave is going to do anything more than annoy people. Expressing concern for people is nice, but the good news is I think folks in the affected region will get through it with nothing more than rattled nerves.
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