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Random Trip Comments

Current Pocky: Mint. Nummy, but did not blow my socks off.

Current Kit-Kat: Zunda. Yeah, I said that too. Normally you would have to go to the Tohoku to get it, as it's a regional specialty, but because of the disasters the company decided to share it nation-wide. They also donate 10 yen per box to disaster relief. Oh, and zunda is mashsed edamame. It's not bad as a Kit-Kat.

Ice creams:

- White Peach: nummy. Definitely very worthy
- Black candy: Delicious. Grab if you have the chance.
- Hydrangea: Yes, as in the flower. Tasty. Well worth the calories.

Also managed several favorites: shiso, sesame, melon

New things we tried:

Kansai Thru Pass: Made of win. We got the three-day pass, and used it to run out to Mt. Koya, a couple of places in southern Nara prefecture, and bopping around Osaka and Kyoto. The three days do not need to be consecutive, and it's incredibly easy to use, just feed the card through the ticket gate just like it was a regular pay ticket. We used it on the Kintetsu lines, the Osaka subway, the Kyoto City Bus all the way out to Ohara, all fine. It's a bit pricey if one isn't using a longer haul on one of the private railways, but it's great if one is.

Bikkuri Donkey, affectionately known as Ass Burger. Darn cool. Hamburger patties stuffed with things like cheese and potato salad. Pretty decently priced. We found one a short distance from the JR Tanbaguchi station that was awfully convenient.

Gusto: We'd tried pretty much the same, under the Skylark name. Still good. Breakfast buffet was nice, since it had veggies. The drink bar is wonderful, particularly the vanilla latte.

Saizeriya: Another family restaurant, similar to the previous two. It has a nice drink bar, and was perfectly nice. We'll certainly eat here again when presented with an opportunity.

I tried a sento, since our hotel didn't have a bath. Perfectly nice, not outrageously priced. (410 yen, when in the States one ends up paying well over two or three times more for basically the same stuff.)

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