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Had to get on-line to check some stuff, so thought I would post while I`m at it. This will be short, for I despise this keyboard.

Much picies have been taken; IniD fans will be pleased. The cherries are blossoming everywhere, so everyone else should be pleased too. (I know I am!)

Char people who have not received postcards: I appologize. My Palm crashed not long before I left, and I seem to have lost some addresses. Please accept a virtual post card, since I thought really hard about sending you one.

hoshikage I've got all of Kuuga and Agito, and am going to try and convert one of the people on the trip when I get home. I also see what you mean about the new Kamen Rider series -- I caught it yesterday.

seshat, did you get any HikaGo trading card sets? I've found a few, and can pick them up if you want.

*waves to everyone else* I must leave now, since the cigarette smoke is making me sick.

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