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Well, I'm off to Japan for two weeks. I won't have Net access until April 13.

A couple of random thoughts before I leave:

I found out why my modchip stuff took so long to get here. It was coming in from France. It's here now, though I haven't messed with it yet. I will install it and test it out with the new IniD game when I get back, and give a full report.

Spot (my laptop) choose tonight to die completely. This is most unfortunate, since I bought Spot for the express purpose of using it as storage media for my digital photos while on trips to Japan. I am not a happy camper. Fortunately I have a backup made as of last week, or I would be an extraordinarily hysterical camper.

And now I must pass out, and see if a little bit of sleep can help me recover my normal cheery optimism. Or at least make me awake enough to finish packing.

Oh, and for those who follow the saga of my work, I will not, in fact, be flying directly to England from Japan. Now I'm not sure if I'm going to be sent to England at all. Isn't it wonderful the way my company gets all worked up about things, then drops them like a lead weight? At least I will not have to haul two weeks worth of dirty laundry (not to mention all of the stuff I purchase while in Japan) to yet another foreign country. This is good.

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