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I dream of tires

Nnngh, I need to get new tires. I need to get new tires soon, before everything I say comes out in a meaningless babble of tires brands and sidewall markings. I woke up the other day after dreaming about comparing different tires, complete with incomprehensible numbers. It made as much sense to me in the dream as it does in real life (which is to say, practically none). I never thought when I embarked on this campaign to get better tires for my car that it would be this overwhelming! *dizzily wanders off with visions of tire designations dancing through her head*

But at least Research Girl is somewhat pleased. I found out that yes, the tires that my car came with SUCK. I had heard rumors to that effect, but now I have managed to confirm that. In stripes. No one had anything good to say about the tires, and had a nice list of things that were wrong with them. Everything they listed were things that I'd observed as well. It almost makes me feel that I'm not as clueless as I think I am. Almost. But, I also managed to find a site that told me where the little thing you push to get the "Maintenance Required" light to go off is. And if I'm feeling really adventurous, it had directions on how to get it so the stupid antenna stops going up and down every time the head unit receives or loses power. So I am well pleased.

But I still don't know what tires to get.

*thud* Must research more. *eyes ever-growing list of research topics* *sigh*

Changing topics slightly, I was poking through the IniD manga while trying to achieve consciousness this morning. In watching the anime I'd never realized that the guy who wipes out and nearly gets creamed by Keisuke and Wataru when they're racing on Akagi is Tsukamoto-senpai. Hee hee! I just love watching bad things happen to annoying people (like him!) It really takes the smallest things to amuse me.

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