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27 March 2011 @ 07:18 pm
Another Day, Another Earthquake, Whatever  
Several news agencies apparently felt the need to stir up trouble by reporting a 6.5 aftershock from the March 11 Japan earthquake. I'm baffled as to why they felt the urge to do so now... This has been going on at least daily since 3/11. Can't someone be arsed to call USGS and ask them for an Earthquakes 101 lesson?

I still haven't posted my rant about how bad the news coverage has been. I should get around to it at some point. I don't usually have so much understanding of the area being covered in the news, and so have never been in a position to spot how over dramatic and misleading the news is. It's... daunting.
obsessivewomanobsessivewoman on March 29th, 2011 07:35 am (UTC)
Ray said his buddy, who lives about 45 minutes away from the reactors and has been acting as a fixer for the foreign journalists (hence getting to go to various site with the journalists), has been frustrated because the news has been focusing on the reactors - which he's thinking are less of an issue (in terms of more of the same issues)than the two oil refineries that were swept off the coast - one landing in a previously high yield rice farm and the other off the coast spewing oil. Now they have an oil slick that may turn into another dead zone that is located at one of their best fishing areas. However, the Japanese news corp is not saying anything about it.