Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Not So Tough After All

I feel so emasculated as a Californian. We think we're all that when it comes to earthquakes, but Japan's got us completely p0wned. With the recent 'quake, before the ground even started shaking there was a news alert on TV that a large earthquake was coming and to take shelter. Within 15 seconds the official news reported all over the country that there was a magnitude 8.8 'quake off the coast of north-eastern Japan.


I mean, us Californian slugs would spend the first five minutes after the start of a 'quake theorizing on magnitude and location while waiting for the USGS website to update automatically. Five whole minutes! It's amazing we function at all with such slow responses.

If you want to see how fast people responded to the 'quake, go read this article. In fact, the article is made of so much perspective and win that I'm going to make a separate post just for it. Because you should go read it that much. Really.

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