Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

The Conscious Mind Strikes Back

I've been having bad dreams for... eh, a while now. Apparently the part of my semi-conscious mind that keeps track of things like "not sleeping is bad" decided it's had enough and is sabotaging the bad dreams.

Take this one for example: I dreamed someone was stealing my car. (Yes, still a hot button even after all these years. I'm rather attached to my car, in case you couldn't tell.) Just as I was about to the point of "wake up in a panic" I remember that I had, unusually, locked my car when I pulled in that night. Car theft dream fizzles.

Or another one: I was on vacation, and someone stole my backpack. (Dang, subconscious, one track mind, much?) Fortunately my vacation was in a virtual machine which I'd made a backup of earlier, so all I had to do was revert to the image before my stuff got nicked, and problem solved. This fun was brought to me not by the Nintentdo generation (save points!) but by my boss suddenly deciding that we needed to decide about virtualizing everyone's desktops Right Now, never mind that I've done no research whatsoever to come to an even remotely informed decision. Thanks, crazy boss!

The latest generation on bad dreams being foiled again involved convincing myself -- while still fully asleep -- that there was no point in focusing on bad things, and particularly not when it would involve me losing a couple of hours of badly needed sleep. Remarkably, it worked.

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