Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Ultraman Zero vs. Darclops Zero

Finally got around to watching Ultraman Zero vs. Darclops Zero. It's about what I expected. I still don't much care for Zero as a character. Too overpowered, with nothing underneath. I'll be intrigued if they do anything meaty with the alternate universes. I'd been thinking since the Ultra 8 Bro. movie that it could be cool to have a Super Ebil Bad Guy who goes through the various universes wiping out the Ultramen (thus explaining why in the universe the movie is set in there aren't any.) I doubt they'll do anything with it, but it entertained me while sitting through the episode.

Two things amused me: First, I can still recognize Iwata Hideyoshi by his tush. And second, the two underlings for the Ebil Psycho Chickie (can't be bothered to learn or remember her name) are played by Terai Daisuke and Suenaga Hiroshi,two long-term suit actors. Don't ask me why, it makes me giggle when the suit actors are let out of the suit and allowed to have a voice and a face.

I'm a bit intrigued by the director and screenplay writer. They both worked for Tsuburaya, but years ago -- Gaia and Cosmos era. Interesting to see that while the folks I'm used to have cleared out, some of the older guard are back in.

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