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*Feral Snarl*

*splutters incoherently*

Idiot drivers who forget to put their eyes in before they go out driving make me homicidal. Take this fine example: I am speeding down the freeway at a comfy 70 MPH. I don't pay a lot of attention to the person in the lane to my right, since, well, they're in their lane.

Oh wait, no, they are not.

The front of my car is just about even with the back of the other car when all of a sudden it does this weird little bobble and put the car's tires over into my lane. I let off the gas (since I was, um, *passing* said car) and lay on the horn. Does this moron look around? No. Does she pause? No. Does she get out of my lane and back into hers, where it is safe and not already occupied by another car? Oh, absolutely not.

Car length? What's that. I don't think we have a bicycle length between us. There is just enough space between the cars for me to see that there is, in fact, space between our bumpers. But that's it.

Once Moron gets completely into my lane, I let off the horn and wave at her. Does she notice? No. Maybe she forgot to put her brain in before she got into the car, along with her eyes.

It makes me want to take the sword out of the trunk of my car (which, heh, she nearly hit, *incoherent frothing*) and see if I can pound some consciousness into her dense skull. RAR!!
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