Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Weak Coffee

Oh, is that why people drink weak coffee? If you put enough cream and sugar in, it tastes like slightly coffee flavored cream, and is pretty nummy. Huh. Who knew? This is what I get for learning to drink coffee abroad. I think the purpose of coffee is to assault one's mouth with its overpowering coffee-ness and thereby achieve consciousness.

Push to get off of coffee has clearly suffered a step backward. Didn't sleep well last night, got up at 4:30 AM the day before, didn't sleep well the night before... I can't remember the last time I did get a full, restful night's sleep. I think we're talking France here.

Better get my butt in gear if I'm going to drive down and see the Rio Grande before getting into work. Or maybe I just do it afterward, since at this point the weak coffee hasn't provided enough oomp to get anything in gear.

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