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Blissful days of Indian summer

The weather today has been just stunning. It makes me wonder if I shouldn't just call in disgusted with life or something.

I had dinner with Crystal this evening. These dinners always prove to be fun, since we go out, have a nice meal, indulge in desert, and generally have strange and literate conversations. Crystal is one of my friends who reminds me that I really am not terribly well-read, so conversations tend to be highly enlightening and informative for me. Since we hadn't gotten together since WorldCon, I got to hear about all the cool panels (and cool Lois-stalking) that she went to over the weekend. Several of the panels sounded highly interesting. One of the panels inspired a rather fascinating discussion on why in our society we don't seem to accept having close, meaningful relationships that do not involve sex. It was a rather interesting analysis of the way that American culture has changed over time.

On the way home, the sun was just setting. Despite it being a warm day today, the air quality was actually surprisingly clear. The sun was slanting down at just the right angle to give everything that unreal, orange-gold glow, with the tasty shadows showing the texture of all the buildings and surrounding mountains. Driving back across the bridge, the sun was setting behind the Golden Gate, and made me wish I had my camera with me. It was a beautiful end to a rather pleasant day.

Oh, and for fans of Lois McMaster Bujold, Crystal reported that Lois read from her next book. It's still not done yet (as of Labor Day weekend, she was on chapter 25, with a deadline of Really Darn Soon Now). It will be back in the same world as Curse of Chalion, and will deal with Ista. It sounds fascinating. It also has a section where she basically meets up with the pilgrims from Canterbury Tales. I didn't even get to hear the reading, and I'm dying to get this book, even though it won't be out for a little while. To tide us over, the novella of Miles' wedding is set to come out in February. And, of course, in January there is the Blake's 7 DVDs to look forward to. Mmm, many, many episodes of Avon. Avon in DVD-quality. Filling in all my missing Avon episodes. *happy Avon thoughts*
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