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I slept literally half the day. Woke up at seven, went back to sleep at eight, then didn't wake up again until one in the afternoon. I'm still coughing and a little congested, but I think the con crud has been mostly defeated at this point. I feel like a slug for sleeping so much, but given that 1) I hadn't slept the whole night through since Comic Con, and 2) nine hours after I woke up I'm thinking heading to bed soon would be nice, I'm going to not fret too much on the lack of activity today.

In other news, they've announced the cast for next year's Taiga drama, which will focus on the life of Nobunaga's niece, Gou-hime, the wife of the second Tokugawa shogun, Hidetada. Hidetada himself will be played by Mukai Osamu. I suspect we'll see a lot of Gou-hime's younger days, since both Nobunaga and Hideyoshi will be showing up. Mori Ranmaru will be played by Seto Kouji, which I think should be absolutely fascinating.

Hm, speaking of Hideyoshi, I was watching a show called Unnatural History that mentioned him, quite unnaturally. In the show Shogun Hideyoshi's heart (stay with me here...) was put in a box that once upon a time his warriors carried with them into battle. The box was subsequently given to President Rosevelt in thanks for helping end Russia's war with Japan, after which time it was put into a museum so everyone could look down on it. (Sorry, geekly history joke. Anyone who's visited Hideyoshi's grave will understand the crack -- and the urge to make it!) Oh, the things wrong with that history... don't get me started. Throw in a lot of dorktastic martial arts (kendo does not have any moves that involve jumping in the air) and there was much giggling and squeaking to be had. And not the kind of squeaking that happened when I read that Seto Kouji will be playing Mori Ranmaru, let me tell you.

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