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10 July 2010 @ 07:35 pm
Complete Randomness  
First off, for fresne, is that a sweet potato or are you just happy to see me? In the event that you have no idea why I'm giving you a suggestive picture of a sweet potato, ask me on Monday and remind me that I should clear my browser history (if I haven't already done so), since I didn't remember that I was on the work laptop when I read your 4th of July fic, and, well, I should clear my browser history now.

Also on the random, (and this is largely only of interest to geeks who follow actors who have done Ultraman series), I present the Earth No Mat, an electronic liquid mosquito catcher. (The picture has a high Inscrutability Quotient.) This came to my attention only because both Tsuruno Takeshi (Asuka/Dyna) and Nishina Masaki (Ryuu) did a commercial for it. Nishina apparently was in it with both his parents. To which I scratch my head and say, "electronic liquid mosquito catcher?"

Happy Ultraman Day, and happy birthday Sho-man. I intend to have at least one appropriate post in honor of the occasion, if I can stop getting distracted by sweet potatoes and mosquitoes.

Edit: Sidetracked again. More on the "what have they been up to", Uchino Kenta (Teppei) was in the movie Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru along with Igarashi Shunji. Also in the movie was fellow D-Boy Nakamura Yuuichi. Both Nakamura and Uchino were on Kamen Rider Den'ou, though Uchino did a guest part before Nakamura's character started appearing on the show. Now I stop clicking links and go back to writing thoughts.

Oh yeah, and Sahashi Toshihiko (the composer for Mebius, among others) did the music for the D-Boys stage show "Out of Order", which both Igarashi and Nakamura appeared in, as well as the D-Boys Stage 1. Small world syndrome.

Oh my word, 'scuse me while I spaz: There's a Wangan Midnight movie!!! I must see this!! *spaz*
Nikki's Cornersennetari on July 11th, 2010 02:18 pm (UTC)
I sure could use that mosquito catcher because a day can't seem to go by without me getting bitten. ^^; (Also, I kind of want to see that commercial, but I'm kind of afraid, too...)

Ah, running in a marathon movie. The premise sounds kind of cheesy...but apparently it won some award so if I can find it subbed I think I will watch it. (And I noticed at least one more toku actor in this, so that was a pleasant surprise. :)