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New Movie Snarky Plot Synopsis

Too tired/loopy to actually translate the movie plot synopsis on the official site, but here's a very snarky synopsis of it.

Galactic Emperor Kaizer Belial appears!

The evil Ultraman, Belial, lives on under the incredibly stealthy (and subtle!) name of Kaizer Belial. Megolomaniac that he is, he's plotting to build a vast galactic empire and get revenge on the Ultra Warriors for not letting him join in any Ultra Warrior games.

Ultraman Zero, A Hero Inherits The Light (and the related trendy light fashion accessory)

Ultra Seven, in order to sell more toys in an attempt to make up for years of absent parenting gives his son Zero a magic wand a bracelet that looks like a magic wand! Feeling the love of his father (and not having his sexuality threatened at all by wearing a girly bangle) Zero goes forth to challenge Belial, who will hopefully not laugh himself to death over the silly bracelet. Again. Because the second time's the charm. Or something.

A Space Adventure With New Friends Unfolds

Our new host, Ran, croaks while nobly trying to save his little brother Nao from Belial's invasion, and thus we are immediately afforded both a new host, and a new Token Kid (tm) to provide the power-up cheers. Throw in a sparkly new wand and call it kismet. Joined by yet more new, currently nameless friends a great adventure unfolds with the vast universe as the stage. Presumably at some point in all the fun and games they'll remember to defeat Belial, and it won't turn into a strange dangling plot thread like some of the ones from the 8 Brothers movie -- but who can say? Maybe that'll be left for the next movie.

This year is the 45 year anniversary of the original Ultraman series.


(If you want the original, more serious version it can be found here. Click the button labeled "Introduction". It's all in Japanese.)

This movie is getting a much smaller release than the last one -- maybe half the number of theaters? Annoyingly, the one in Kyoto is the one in Teramachi, next door to the Kinokuniya. As opposed to making me track out to scenic Zeze. Rat bastards.

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