Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

It's The Little Things

Through an mysterious and incredibly silly transformation Sandpanther has suddenly turned into Teppei-panther. We now join this blatent self-insert, already in progress.

Scene: The DIRECTION ROOM of the PHOENIX NEST. On the screen is a picture of a parking lot at night. In the background we can hear the sound of a giant monster walking around.

Ryuu: Teppei-panther! What kind of car is that?

Teppei-panther: *sucks air through teeth* I'm not sure. An Integra? Maybe a Celica. I can't really tell from this angle.

The picture shifts to ground level where we see two people standing in front of a car.

Teppei-panther (exclaming): INTEGRA! And it's a USDM front-end conversion!

Mirai (puzzled): USDM...?

Teppei-panther: It stands for "United States domestic model." For the DC2 model Integras the front end, and in particular the headlights, was different for the version released in the United States from the one released in Japan. You can easily tell the difference by the rounded headlights here, and--

Tori-pi (interrupting): Who cares? Stick to the point!

Teppei-panther: Sorry.

George: So are you saying this is an imported car?

Teppei-panther: No. Some car enthusiasts in Japan will convert the front end of their domestic Integra to look like the US version. It's a very rare car in Japan!

Marina: So what's this got to do with the monster?

Teppei-panther: Uh... Probably nothing. But it's really interesting!

TPC, you are so made of WIN! I bow before your incredible attention to detail.
Tags: ultraman mebius

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