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(*looks at the icon* Man howdy I'm feeling nostalgic today.)

Anyone seen the anime Viper's Creed? I noticed the writing staff is made up entirely of writers who worked on Mebius. (Kobayashi Yuuji, Akahoshi Masanao, Ohta Ai, and Hasegawa Keiichi.)

From the same set of research: No wonder I'm liking Kamen Rider W better than the last two KR series. It's got Hasegawa Keiichi (one of my favorite screenplay writers from Mebius) working on it. Also of note to hoshikage, writing for KR W is Arakawa Naruhisa, who wrote for Kamen Rider Kuuga, as well as just about every sentai series back to Abaranger (except, oddly, Shinkenger) and a ton of older series from Jetman to Gingaman, including being lead writer on a lot of them. (Abaranger and Dekaranger to name two.)

While I'm doing a "where are they now", Sahashi Toshihiko's working on the new Den'ou movie, which makes sense since he did the Den'ou score originally anyway. He's also working on a toku series called "Daimajin Kanon".

Related to my post yesterday on an upcoming Ultra Galaxy movie and possible TV series' I wonder if that's really happening. It seems to me that Tsuburaya's main talent is all off working on other projects. In that case I wonder who's actually minding the store? Many of the people I've listed on the creative staff have been working on Ultraman series' for years now -- back to Gaia and even Tiga in some cases. I know at least one long-time Tsuburaya director left recently because he wanted didn't care for the modern, computer-generated stuff and wants to make giant monster features the traditional way. It leaves me feeling like there's some kind of internal conflict going on, or at least a difference of opinion on the direction to go in. This is reinforced by the sudden resignation of Okabe Jun'ya as Vice President at Tsuburaya. The timing on that was particularly intriguing, since it was within weeks of the opening of the GinDen movie, which he was the Producer and co-writer for. It's also intriguing because I understand that he was heavily into pushing for using CG/green screen techniques for future Ultraman series. It all gives me a feeling that there's some kind of turmoil going on. My Spidey Sense says that they are making a new movie, and likely a new TV series. (Seriously, people, can we give Zero a character if we're going to put him at the top of the licensing food chain, please?) But I have a feeling that the quality depth isn't going to be there for a little while. Which concerns me, because we're only about four and a half years off of needing to start production on the 50 year anniversary series, and it's going to be hard to beat Mebius.
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