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New Ultra Galaxy Movie Winter 2010

According to Moegame, there will be a new Ultra Galaxy movie, Daikaijuu Battle RR out in winter 2010. I assume that means the November/December time frame. A source on Henshin Justice corroborates, along with mention of trading cards.

... Wait, trading cards? Did we get trading cards for the last movie and I completely missed them? Say it isn-- No, wait, say it is so, so I can track them down, buy them all, and indulge in a fit of card collecting glee.

All that said, on the same thread on Henshin Justice it lists the reference to two TV series that I've been hearing about for months but have not been able to find hide nor hair of, Ultraman Zero, which supposedly started airing around the end of May, and Ultra Galaxy Wars, which is supposed to start airing in a week. I remain somewhat dubious that they would be airing two, 26 episode series at the same time. That seems like a recipe for madness and burnout.

According to the end credits, scenes from the following episodes of Ultraman Moebius appeared somewhere in the GinDen movie: "Fateful Meeting", "Pride of GUYS", "Mother's Miracle", "Space Swordsman", "Champion of the Fierce Battle", and "Words From The Heart". I've never been able to figure out where these appear. (Yeah, in my mighty two viewings. Must fix that.) Anyone know where they are?

And one random piece of trivia about Gomora... The shape of his head, according to Wikipedia, is based on helmet design of the Sengoku period daimyou Kuroda Nagamasa. Nagamasa was a Christian daimyou.

And last, but certainly not least, Okabe Jun'ya, Producer on the recent GinDen movie, who resigned from Tsuburaya this past December is apparently now working on a movie titled Cat Shit One. I kid you not.. It apparently features bad-ass bunnies.
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