Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,


Wow. This evening I:

- Hit the gym for half an hour of cardio
- Cooked dinner (yakisoba)
- Baked two and a half dozen cookies. (Would have been more if I weren't eating the dough. >.>)
- Re-did my 2007 taxes. (Don't ask.)
- Unloaded and ran a load of dishes.
- Finished cutting out the fabric for a project.
- Uncrated the new Xbox 360.
- Watched the Turkish GP. (Take out your team mate for the, er, lose.)
- Decided that I'm going to need to reorganize the media center in order to fit in the Xbox.
- Decided I wasn't going to do that tonight.

Amazing what happens when I come home and am not dead tired. Too bad this won't last. :P

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