Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Note To Self: Get Rock Salt

Must remember to get rock salt as part of my "In case fresne gets possessed by a ghost" preparedness plan.

I think it's water in the pipes that makes the weird moaning noise above my cube. We joke that it sounds like a basset hound puppy. The ghost of a basset hound puppy, to be precise, that the person who used to sit at my desk killed back when she was still sitting at my desk. The puppy haunts the desk to this day. We've named the puppy "Casper", just because.

So the other day I hear the basset hound puppy ghost noise, and realize that it was actually coming from fresne. (It really was One Of Those Days. And this is a company with many One Of Those Days.) It occurred to me that while we do have a Zombie Apocalypse disaster preparedness plan in place, I really don't have a fresne gets possessed by the ghost of the basset hound puppy haunting our cube disaster preparedness plan in place. I really ought to, all things considered. I never know when it's going to come up on one of these darned security questionnaires, and I want to make sure I have the correct answer (and corresponding documentation) in place for when it does.

And yes, it does make perfect sense to me that someone would ask about our "staff possessed by ghost of a dead puppy" plans on a security questionnaire. We've had stranger questions.


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