Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Coolest Neighbor

My next door neighbor is the coolest neighbor in the world. I knew that already -- he brings my trash cans in every week, and keeps an eye on the place when I'm out of the country. Today I mentioned that I was thinking of calling in fencers (people who build fences, not people with epees) to redo the gate, since it's old and messed up and requires picking it up with both hands to get it open, and I'm getting tired of that silliness. I was largely mentioning it so he wouldn't be surprised if a work crew showed up for an hour or two one day. Instead he offered to fix it for me. Since I've been told I need to work on accepting help from others, I said thank you.

Not only did he spend a couple of hours this afternoon working on my gate (and fixing it!), he thanked me for giving him a "fun little project". O.O I guess we did each other a favor?

Coolest neighbor in the world.
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